(From July 22nd to July 1st 2019 )
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In direct contact with the incomparable Mexican countryside and the families who have worked the land for generations, at Coyote Canyon Adventures we have worked diligently to design an all encompassing adventure full of profound learning and unforgettable experiences to enhance the lives of children and young people, providing an intimate contact with the natural surroundings and a unique cultural interchange. Both Spanish and English are used to provide a profound interaction in an environment that fosters teamwork and a positive attitude while great new friendships are formed, communication skills developed and the experience of self discovery is encouraged.
Our adventure will present to youngsters new feelings of freedom, respect, comradery and confidence during unforgettable field trips, spectacular hikes and exciting horseback excursions through the scenic and enchanting canyon lands of Coyote Canyon. Across plains, over cliffs, through rivers and streams and amidst the wonderful diverseness of this beautiful landscape, while working with livestock and the people of the ranch, young people will acquire skills and a feeling of self empowerment that will last a lifetime.

The adventure starts in the magical town of San Miguel de Allende with the Walking tour Legernds.This is a unique experience for history lovers. Our local guides will impersonate key characters of the Mexican Independence such as Capitan Ignacio Allende or Father Manuel Hidalgo to lead you through the historical sites where many episodes of that crucial moment took place in San Miguel.

It will be an exciting week full of thrilling activities, unforgettable moments, language learning, expansive adventure, fun and cultural exchange.

Ending this tour, we take the road to the rural village of Boca Glen, 30 minutes from San Miguel, so that parents can know the basis of our summer camp and enjoy a meal and welcome ceremony.
Certainly it will be a week of incredible unique activities for you, full of unforgettable moments in an expansive variety of adventure, learning and emotion.

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  They can assist in ages 5 to 14 years
(A consideration other ages)

During Adventure camp your ‘little giants’ will be immersed in the wonderful world of horses and the workings of a real Mexican ranch, learning the importance and uses of the different farm animals and the everyday life of the ranch families that have lived there for generations. .

Every day will be full of experiences that allow them to enjoy the spontaneity of creation during manual and artistic activities such as photography, drawing, painting, music and more. The excitement of our more adventurous and extreme activities will allow them to learn self expression and confidence through movement, action and adrenalin. Mornings are filled with physical activities like martial arts & yoga.
They will be taught under the expert guidance of our experts about the mysteries and history of the most important archaeological zone in the region, the pyramids of Cañada de la Virgen.

We’ll explore the quaint rural town at the mouth of the canyon, Boca de la Cañada, where youngsters will learn about ecology and the natural environment, participating in workshops with a focus on agriculture, conservation and recycling etc. Activities including reforestation and reutilization will give them a better understanding of how to give respect and to honor the land
Night camp / Campamento de Noche

1 kid  =1,200 USD

2 kids = 2,000 USD

3 kids = 2,600 USD

Day camp / Campamento de Dìa

1 kid 800 USD

2 kid 1200 USD

3 kid 1600 USD
Including 1 meal + 1 snack / day and transportation from Mega and back.

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