"Everything else is just a trail ride..."

Coyote Canyon Adventures invites you to discover the most exclusive horseback riding  adventures, enjoying incredible views from the main canyon of the State of Guanajuato for the nature lovers, or exploring the streets of San Miguel on horseback for those who are looking for a unique experience.

We offer half day horseback riding as well as full day excursions and camping adventures as well as a romantic horseback ride through town - and for experts and amateurs also a weekly route from Guanajuato to San Miguel capital for those who are looking for  an authentic cowboy experience .

Our horseback riding adventures are one of the most recommended activities for corporate groups - do not hesitate to check out more options for companies and special events.


Our horseback rides are definitely not nose-to-tail, unless you choose so. Our motto is " We don't do trail rides. We do Horseback Adventures." We have diverse horseback riding routes established for exploring almost all parts of the canyon, both suitable for beginners, and challenging for experienced riders. 

Our horseback riding excursions are exciting and rugged yet can also be tailored for families with small children or for seniors who would prefer a slower pace. Our youngest client, on an overnight horseback riding adventure, has been 1 & ½ years old; our eldest guest, 83 years young. No riding experience is necessary for horseback adventures, and all ages are welcome.

Our half-day horseback riding excursion includes transportation, comprehensive instruction, riding lesson, 2 ½ hours of riding time + rest stops, and one delicious ranch style meal prepared right after the ride, at one of the casitas, back at the homestead with a total of 5 hours to-and-from San Miguel.
Cost:  $ 110 USD - $1850 MXN /pax

You can combine this experience in Coyote Canyon with:
1.  Guided tour to Cañada de la Virgen Archaeological Site  
Cost: $165 USD - $2800 MXN /
2. Exciting rappel down the cliffs of the canyon.
Cost: $145 USD -$2450 MXN/ pax

3. Relaxing afternoon at the hot springs
Cost: $ 145 USD
 - $2,450 MXN/ pax


Of the activities that we manage, the one that kids tend to enjoy the most is the full day horseback riding excursion: the perfect adventure to share with your family! This option takes about 8 hours from San Miguel and back. The difference between our half-day, full day and overnight excursions is that our full day and overnight excursions have additional activities such as chasing and capturing chickens and searching for eggs, having a traditional ranch-style breakfast, exploring the 400 year old ruins of an ancient chapel, and taking an in-depth class on basic horsemanship before beginning the riding part of this great adventure, extended rides, hiking, swimming, cattle-herding, galloping and roping lesson.  

Add rappelling off a 120 foot sheer cliff for a grand finale! 

COST: $155 USD / $2650 MXN per person


For a truly sensational cowboy adventure try our camping horseback riding excursion (30 hours from San Miguel and back). Apart from including everything already mentioned, you can also share an evening bonfire with your friends and family and experience a midnight or early morning sunrise ride. It also includes all the camping gear necessary for a comfortable camping experience and a good nights sleep.
The next morning, try our most exciting adventure: rappelling down the cliffs of the canyon and get our hot springs package for a full day of excitement and relaxation (not included). 
COST: $205 USD / $3500 MXN per person

This is Coyote Canyon Adventures' best combination of culture and adventure tours. Visit the pyramids of Cañada de la Virgen and explore "The House of 13 Heavens", "The House of the Longest Night" and "The House of the Wind" with one of our expert guides. 
After a delicious meal at the ranch, we'll enjoy of 2 and a half hours on horseback through the canyon, with rest stops by the river and on top of the cliffs to admire the impressive views.  

Total duration: 8 hours (approx.) from SMA and back.  

Add the rappelling experience and enjoy a unique sunset!

Cost $165 USD / $2800 mxn pax

Night rides in San Miguel

Go back in time and explore the historical center of this magical colonial town on horseback –simply a unique experience. Rides available anytime, although we strongly recommend to do it at sunset… 

Perfect for romantic occasions –especially proposals–, find yourself surrounded by a Mariachi band and its heartfelt serenade in front of the Parroquia, to finally have the musicians walk along with you to a nearby restaurant. 

COST: $110 USD / $1850 MXN per person (2 hours ride)

From Guanajuato city to San Miguel de Allende

This adventure will take you accross the outstanding sierra or mountain range that once crossed on horseback the Mexican heroes of Independence, between the towns of Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende

It’s 6 days on horseback and 5 nights camping outdoor in the Guanajuato mountains –all the equipment is provided to guarantee a deep and resting sleep after riding for 3 to 6 hours a day. Once at the camp, you may spend the rest of the day still riding, if you feel like it, or either exploring on foot the mysteries of that historic land such as rivers, waterfalls and a hidden graveyard where the runaway revolucionarios that stayed hidden from the army in those mountains where buried, along with their treasures… 

Contact us if you're interested in the weeklong trail and download the brochure here.

We have a 2 PERSON MINIMUM on our horseback riding excursions.
 Contact us with your available dates so we can join you with a group or if you prefer you can have a private ride covering the cost of an extra rider.
We recommend wearing comfortable laced shoes or boots (no flip-flops or sandals), long pants, long-sleeve shirt or light jacket, sunblock and a hat. In longer excursions –if the weather abides–  don’t forget the swimming suit, as well as warm and extra clothes for the overnight trips.

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